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Ashley and Dakota

Ashley and Dakota are two girls that all oppose, that they are their bodies, one is fair, the other is brown, one is thin, the other is round, one with very small pointed centres, the others with a chest generous and firm, one has all small bottom and other A a good large gluteus... But all these divergences make that they like... And yes Ashley and Dakota are two lesbians living together since more than one year. They cannot live one without the other, it is a fusional love!
Ashley is young, it is 19 years old, it likes to be dominated, it is subjected easily to the desires of his/her partner... She is ready with very to give pleasures in Dakota especially when that relates to their sexual practices. But Ashley fished one all the same nice it is the penetration using a gode girdles ahhh! that it is good to feel to line with deepest of its hairy pussy by this length dildo lubricated beforehand. Often it reaches the orgasm when his/her partner alternates slow blows rapid and blows, it bites the lips of them only to think of it, its breeches is already very wet by it! Dakota when with it is a little more day before, it is indeed 26 years old, in the beginning it was not lesbian but hétéro... She A lived with a front man right, but that it is badly finished and he it definitively disgusted men with his multiple frauds and disappointments. But from Dakota caught up with itself with the women and especially with her new partner with whom it discovered the love between women. From now on it cannot occur some any more, which better than a woman can make it enjoy with its language cherishing its lips charnues and its pretty clitoris dodu, which better than a woman can know where to slip the fingers into its hairy she-cat to make it go up to the seventh sky.... Nobody of other that his small Ashley which it cherishes and protects from all its heart.

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